eMobi@Dg2 Virtual Mobility Consortium

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eMobi@Dg² Virtual Mobility Consortium

The Network of Excellence for Academic Leaders in Governance and Management, Réseau Dg2  brings together 13 universities from 9 countries on 4 continents. This community has joined to create the eMobi@Dg2 Virtual Mobility Consortium, as a common virtual mobility project to enable regular students to take online courses at the host universities, while obtaining their degree at their home University.


General Requirements

eMobi@Dg2 courses are open to students registered at a university participating in the eMobi@Dg2 Virtual Mobility Consortium. To register for a course in eMobi@Dg2, a student must:

Be registered as a regular student and pay his or her tuition fees at his or her home University.
Be at least in the third (3rd) regular academic session (or equivalent) of his/her program of studies (for undergraduate students).
Comply with the academic and administrative requirements defined by his/her home University to allow participation in international virtual mobility.
Have his or her course selection approved by his or her home university.
Respect the eligibility criteria and prerequisites defined by the host University for the course in which he or she wishes to participate.
Have an academic record that does not indicate any academic and/or disciplinary sanctions, both at the time of his/her application to eMobi@Dg2 and during the time, he/she is taking courses at the host University.

eMobi@Dg2 Courses

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*Please note that the availability and requirements of the courses on this list are subject to change without notice.

For any question, please contact us by email at the following address : emobidg2@vraeis.ulaval.ca